How to Change a Car Battery?

Ever wonder How to Change a Car Battery? Has this ever happened to you – you were rushing to your workplace and just as you are about to leave, you find your car in the garage is not starting?

However, as much you turn the key, there is a strange cranking sound and a motionless vehicle.

Can you imagine the helplessness of having a car with a dead battery?

If you think that you are too afraid to encounter the dreaded experience of a dead battery while you’re about to leave for work or travelling purpose, then you should be prepared to change a car battery.

Here is a complete guide on how to change a car battery:

  1. Before beginning with the process, make sure that the car engine is off and all the electrical are powered down and completely cooled off. It’s safe to engage the parking brake during this time.
  2. If you can easily find where the car battery is, then it’s great. If not, pop open the hood, check the user’s manual and then get on with it.
  3. Ease up the nut on the battery with the help of a wrench, battery pliers, or a battery wrench.
  4. The negative or ground cable is first disconnected and then the positive cable. Make sure that the battery terminals don’t come in contact with any metal mounting, your body parts, and the car engine.
  5. The battery hold-downs or fasteners will be removed with a socket and ratchet or a wrench.
  6. The battery will be removed by lifting it from the bottom using both the hands and a holder if it’s available.
  7. If the battery cables are damaged, then make sure to clean them and replace them before getting a new car battery.
  8. After the cleaning is done, place the new battery in the hold-down tray and fix it properly with its reliable fasteners.
  9. The clamps are then tightened while the respective cables are connected to their respective posts. This will help in eliminating the sudden sparks that might occur.
  10. Once you have inserted the battery, keep moving it in its tray for a while to check its firmness in its place. The terminals will be fixed as well.

Installing a Car Battery

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