How Do You Know If Your Car Needs a Battery?

Ever wondered what might happen if your car has a sudden breakdown while you are about to leave for work or while returning home? You probably try starting your car’s engine and nothing happens.

Isn’t that scary? Now, we are not trying to scare you but prepare you for the worse.

If you have noticed some of the signs in your car that made you worry about your car battery, then you should pay more attention to them. You can save your car from some heavy damage and also yourself from expenses for the car battery.

Here are the 5 signs when you know your car needs a battery:

  1. Slow starting engine – If you notice your car’s taking a lot of time to start, then you should consider getting a new battery. Car engines start at the first go and if you’re having trouble with that or the start is getting slow, then you have got your sign for getting a new car battery.
  2. Battery getting old – Any car battery that is older than three or more years needs a thorough checkup. The average lifespan of vehicle batteries is around five years. It’s highly essential for you to know your car battery’s age. Get a battery replacement done before your vehicle faces a sudden difficult situation.
  3. Dim headlights and electrical problems – If your vehicle is showing signs of dim headlights and electrical issues at every stop, then you might give that a serious thought. A dying battery often shows these symptoms along with deteriorated connectors and one must be wary of them.
  4. Requiring More Battery Boosts – Keep a check on your car battery if it needs regular boosts. The boosts are generally for rare occasions. You will need a new car battery for your vehicle if the number of boosts increases substantially.
  5. Unable to start your car – This is probably the worse situation that can happen. If your car engine light is no longer blinking or it’s not running, or if the dashboard lights are not working – it’s time to get a car battery.

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