How to Change a Car Battery?

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Ever wonder How to Change a Car Battery? Has this ever happened to you – you were rushing to your workplace and just as you are about to leave, you find your car in the garage is not starting? However, as much you turn the key, there is a strange cranking sound and a motionless … Read more

How Much is a Car Battery?

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Are you wondering about How Much is a Car Battery? Do you keep worrying about where you are going to get your car battery and if it’s suitable for your vehicle or not? It is quite obvious that getting a new car battery can be quite a hectic procedure, especially when you are not aware … Read more

How Long Should a Car Battery Last?

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Ever think How Long Should A Car Battery Last? If you have bought a new car, then it’s essential for you to be aware of the battery longevity. If your car is pretty old, then you probably have faced some battery issues and have got it repaired or replaced. Although there is no clear answer … Read more

How Do You Know If Your Car Needs a Battery?

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Ever wondered what might happen if your car has a sudden breakdown while you are about to leave for work or while returning home? You probably try starting your car’s engine and nothing happens. Isn’t that scary? Now, we are not trying to scare you but prepare you for the worse. If you have noticed … Read more