How Long Should a Car Battery Last?

Ever think How Long Should A Car Battery Last? If you have bought a new car, then it’s essential for you to be aware of the battery longevity. If your car is pretty old, then you probably have faced some battery issues and have got it repaired or replaced.

Although there is no clear answer to how long a car battery should last, as per the industry standards of Dublin, a car battery can last around three to five years.

The battery of any vehicle plays an integral role as it provides for the car’s starting and also acts as the electrical source for the engine and ignition system.

The longevity of the car battery depends on certain conditions.

If you want to be prepared beforehand about your vehicle and its battery before you are caught off-guard, you should keep the following in your mind.

3 Reasons How Long Should A Car Battery Last

  1. Temperature – The optimal range of the temperature for the battery to function smoothly should be around 60-90F (Fahrenheit). If the temperature fluctuates then a higher temperature will cause a negative impact and a lower temperature will minimise the battery capacity.
  2. Battery Cycle – Every car battery comes with its respective usage cycle. While gel batteries have a higher usage cycle, ranging from around five hundred to thousand cycles, the lead acid batteries have exhibited a usage cycle of around seven hundred. If the number of usage cycles is higher then the durability of the car battery is longer.
  3. Driving Practices – Driving habits also act as an important factor for the longevity of the battery. If your vehicle is bring used regularly for short trips, chances are that you would be soon requiring a new car battery. This is because the battery doesn’t get enough time to charge itself.

Along with these factors, you should also make proper inspection and maintenance of your car battery at regular intervals.

The electrical system of the vehicle should be checked to ensure its efficiency in operation.

However, as much you take care of your car battery, it will start deteriorating after three years of use.

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